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What are the benefits

What our customers say?

"Unlimited storage for all our computers is Ace"

"Exceedingly easy to setup and use"

"High-quality, simple and reliable cloud backup"

"The best cloud storage service"

"Excellent Online file storage"

"Open Access provides a brilliant service"

"Safe in knowing our storage size is an unlimited backup"

"We are able to access all our data wherever we are in the world"

"Unbeatable service at an unbeatable cost"

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Online Backup
  • Complete data protection
  • Access your files anytime anywhere
  • 30 Previous versions of every file
  • Easily share your data with family or colleagues
  • Affordable pricing
  • Automatic real-time back-up

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    Online Backup

    Jane Jones,

    Bournemouth, Dorset

    We tried several different backup systems in past years. Then we discovered Open Access unlimited online backup and it blew us away - first of all the solutions they combine to the software covers all areas of storage,sharing and collaboration needs - seamlessly into one suite.

    Unlimited Online Backup

    Bob Smith,

    Bournemouth, Dorset

    I have not had occasion to retrieve any data from our online backup in emergency, but it feels good to know that the data is safely stored if I need it. The friendly phone conversations I had before and after sales about the detailed capability and use of the software have greatly increased my confidence in the service.

    "Open Access is so easy to use, it has changed my life"

    "I lost files before, but never again now I use Open Access Online Backup"

    "Streaming videos to my iPhone from cloud storage is so cool!"

    "Cloud storage makes it so easy for our business to work together."

    "Our Sync drive was set up in minutes and now I can view all my files from online, anywhere at any time. Amazing"

    "As a parent of 2 college students, The unlimited online backup service gives great peace of mind, knowing that all their hard work is stored safely puts my mind at ease"

    online backup


    Average rating based on over 2000 Customers

    Online Backup